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What's a Witch?


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What is a Witch?

When the Christian religion started on its organized and hierarchical path, it required its priests to be celibate, and its followers to be likewise unless married and trying to reproduce. However, the hearts and bodies of men and women are not this easily chained. Men fell in love with women "against their will," and couldn't even admit or explain to themselves that it was natural for them to do so. They blamed their lust on the women, saying that these women were in league with the devil to bring them to their knees. This and other factors started a centuries-long war against these "Witches". Like most wars that are supposedly about religion, this one had nothing to do with ideas about God or spirituality. Regardless of the motives behind it, this war generated ideas about Witches--their ugly appearance, black cats, etc.--each useful in the quest to make people fear these women. The ideas about good Witches followed because there were always people who knew in their hearts that, if there was evil magic, there had to be good magic as well--especially since God is more powerful and giving than Satan.

Witches do exist, but we are not in league with any kind of devil. Primarilly because many of us just don't believe in this scapegoat creature, that Christians call the devil (otherwise known as the angel that fell from grace). We are not, by any physical means, immortal. There is no typical appearance, age, personality, or sex for Witches--and yes, there are male Witches! ( I, of all people, can attest to that!) And,contrary to popular belief, male Witches are not called warlocks . The name Warlock , comes from an Old English term that means " oath breaker ". Witches, male or female, are called Witches.People become Witches by choice and Witches are people who practice Magic.

This, as a matter of fact, is the one and only answer to "What is a Witch?"--a Witch is simply a person who practices Magic. Magic is a combination of prayer and meditation that uses the energy within your body. Anyone can become a Witch--it doesn't involve any unique, "supernatural" powers or a magical set of ancestors. Witches come from all backgrounds--Wiccan, Pagan, Native American, Atheist, and even Christian. And many people openly proclaim themselves Christian Witches--people who believe in God and the salvation of Jesus Christ, but also believe in the power of Magic and internal energy. Witches acknowledge that there are positive and negative forms of magic. It is impossible for everything a person does to be positive, but it is the duty of a Witch to steer their Magic and their lives in a positive direction. A person does not have to be Pagan or Wiccan to be a Witch, and not all Pagans are Witches. However, it's rather rare for a Pagan not to be a Witch, and almost unheard of for a Wiccan not to be a Witch--Wicca is, after all, the religion of Witchcraft.

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