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The Runes

This Page Is Dedicated To The Use Of Runes. The Information Posted Here Was Received From Horik Svenson's Book "Runes".


The word RUNE means "Tree". Trees are to Druids, what the crucifix is to Christians (no offense ... really that's true!) It's the symbol of where they come from (above/branches) who we are (physical/trunk) and where we are going (below/roots).

The original RUNES were either river stones or wood chips ... any material that naturally contained the symbol(s)through the 'course of it's life'. A Druid would spend most of his/her life collecting RUNES, because they were born of the Earth Mother, never made or carved by hand.

RUNE symbols were often painted and incorporated into buildings and ceremonial circles for the purpose of calling the energy or protection of that particular tree. The teachings of the RUNES and their true power was born of the Earth Mother and came through the tree of life.

Today, I would consider only those RUNES made of natural materials to be of any real use for divination. Stones, fired clay, semi-precious gems are perfectly suited to this use. Please do not use wood for making RUNES! DO NOT KILL A TREE TO REPRESENT A TREE!!!

Still, the best RUNES are those made naturally, rocks and stones that already have the symbols within them, for their connection to the Earth is vital. Each RUNE is associated with a tree. The properties of the trees are:
KNOWLEDGE - roots into the "other world".
HEALING - roots, fruits, and the bark of the tree.
LIFE FORCE - food, provided either from the tree such as fruit, or the birds, squirrels, etc.that may live in the tree.
SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE - the arms or branches of the tree raise to the heavens.
PERSONAGE - a unique and physical attribute of the tree. Some trees are for love, some are for building because of their strength, some are for magic, etc.

Below Are The Runes And Their Meanings:

Graphic for the rune FEOH FEOH : Symoblizes Vitality And Power, Especially In The Area Of Personal Wealth. The Strength of FEOH Means It's Good For Any Undertaking, And For Moving A Situation Onwards And Upwards; A Positive Rune.
REVERSED: Signifies Loss, Restriction And Being Overcome By The Odds.

Graphic for the graphic UR UR : Is Good For Any Enterprise That Has A High Risk Factor,Investments, Or A Tough Decision. It Symbolizes A Rapid Change, And New Responisibilities As Well As The Ability To Conquer Any Obstructions. A Very Strong Rune.
REVERSED: This Would Signify The Querent Is About To Go Through A Major Change That Will Not Be For The Better.

Graphic for the rune THORN THORN : Is A Powerful Rune That Can Also Be Used In A Protective Manner.It Is Especially Valuable When THe Querant Is Faced With Circumstances Beyond Their Control. It Is Also The Helping Hand Of Fate That Allows Abrupt And Potentially Dangerous Changes To Be Overcome.
REVERSED: The Querent Is Faced With A Difficult Situation and Is Unlikely To Be Able To Make Good.

Graphic for the rune ANSUR ANSUR : Is The Rune Of Communication And Works Well For Such Matters As Writing Poetry, Public Speaking Or Passing Exams. It's Also Good If There Is Some Learning That Is To Be Done, Or Some Test That Relies On Personal Magnetism And Social Skills.
REVERSED: This Would Signify Bad Advice Has Been Given Or Offered.

Graphic for the rune RAD RAD : Is A Rune Of Travel. It Also Rules Travel In The Broader Sense Of Inner Journeying. A Degree Of Change Is Implicit In This Rune. Plan On A Trip Of Some Kind When This Rune Is Shown.
REVERSED: Obstacles And Delays Associated With Travel Will Be Encountered. Travel Can Present Itself At A Very Awkward Moment And Leave The Home Situation Exposed.

Graphic for the rune KEN KEN : Is A Very Positive Rune That Symbolizes The Gentler Acts Of Creation Such As Writing Music, or Crafting Talismans.
It Uses All Aspects Of Life With A Protective And Creative Warmth.
REVERSED: This Rune Signifies Loss. A Business Deal Will Fall Apart/ If Hoping For A Child, False Hopes, False Alarms, Barrenness.

Graphic for the rune GEOFU GEOFU : Is Strongly Associated With Gifts-Both Giving And Receiving.
It Is The Act Of Giving That Creates Harmony In All Things
This Rune Is Especially Auspicious When The Subject Is Personal Relationships. This Rune May Be Issuing A Form Of A Warning, Nothing Comes Without A Price.

Graphic for the rune WYNN WYNN : Is The Ultimate Happy Rune. It Symbolizes The Old Adage, "All's Well That Ends Well." Like All Good Things, It's possible To Have Too Much Of A Good Thing, So A Degree Of Restraint Is Also Implied. It Naturally Points To Wonderful Times In Affairs Of The Heart.
REVERSED: Challenges Will Not Be Met.

Graphic for the rune HAGALL HAGALL: Is A Rune That Links Directly Into The Primal Forces Of The Universe. And Can Be A Little Unpredictable. In Some Circumstances, It Can Indicate Frustration.
But More Often Points To The Need To Understand The Precise Limits Of The Particular Situation And Trust That Luck Will See You Thru. Such Faith Is Usually Rewarded.

Graphic for the rune NIED NIED : Means Need. It Implies That A Situation Has Become Blocked In Some Way, And That It Requires Patience To Resolve Matters. Nied Is Excellent For The Achievement Of Long-Term Goals. It Does Not Usually Sit Well In Matters Of Love And Sex, And May Indicate That Bridges May Need To Be Built.

Graphic for the rune IS IS : Symbolizes "A Time Out" When Matters Have Reached Such A Stage That To Freeze Frame For A While Is The Soundest Course Of Action. It Allows Energy To Rebuild Which Helps One To Fight Another Day, Just As Winter Allows The Earth To Rest Before The Growing Phase Of Spring.

Graphic for the rune JARA JARA : Is The Rune Of Cyclical Return When You Can Harvest The Rewards Of Your Actions. The Word Also Implies Legalities, And Jara Is Auspicious For All Litigation. It Can Also Symbolize Birth, Whether It Is A Child, New Relationship, Or Business Venture. On another level, this rune can represent disturbing forces at work, represented as it is by two interlocking forces whirling around each other.

Graphic for the rune YR YR : Is One Of The Most Mystical Runes And Gives Direct Access To The Spirit World Or Occult. This Power Can Be Used In Many Ways But Yr Is Never Evil. It Is Ultimately Very Protective, Giving The Power To Remove Anyone Or Anything That Is Creating Obstacles. Yr Shows That There Is A Way Out Of Any Difficulty As Long As The Situation Is Approached In The Correct Manner.

Graphic for the rune PEORTH PEORTH : Is Allied Closely With All Things Hidden. Thus It Is Good For Gambling And Financial Speculation, Or Investment Of Any Kind. It Is Also Good For Finding Anything Lost, Be It Physical Or Inner Knowledge.
REVERSED: What Is About To Be Revealed To The Querent Will Not Be Pleasant.

Graphic for the rune EOLH EOLH : Symbolizes Protection In Every Form. Its Shape Resembles A Lightening Rod, Drawing The Life Force Down Into The Ground, Or Drawing The Power Of THe Gods Into Everyday Life. This Is A Powerful Rune, Bestowing Protection From Enemies, Increasing Friendship, And Success In General.
REVERSED: The Querent Is About To Be Duped.

Graphic for the rune SIGEL SIGEL : Is A Rune That Symbolizes The Life Force Itself. It Is The Sun At The Centre Of The Solar System Around Which Brings Life And Warmth To The Planet. Sigel Is A Very Positive Rune And Bodies Well For Health In Particular.

Graphic for the rune TIR TIR : By Its Very Symbol Is Obviously Martial, Which Implies That It Is A Battle Rune. Tir At Its Best Whenever There Is A Difficult Situation To Be Faced. It Is Naturally Combative And Will Always Seek TO Win Any Confrontation. The Positive Spirit It Brings To Life Will Help In Recovering From Serious Illness Or Accident.
REVERSED: The Querent Is In A Weak Frame Of Mind.

Graphic for the rune BEORC BEORC : Symbolizes A Woman, Womankind In General Or Mother Gaia Herself. This Is A Very Protective And Nurturing Rune With Specifically Domestic Duties. Thus It Is Applicable To Matters Concerning Fertility, Children, Spouse And Family.
REVERSED:Beorc Becomes A Symbol Of Sterility, Implying Difficulties On The Domestic Front.

Graphic for the rune EOH EOH : Is Another Change Rune. It Is Excellent Whenever There Is A Need To ALter One's Circumstances. The Change It Signifies Is Not Abrupt Or Unexpected And Must Be Made Carefully And Within Clear And Prescribed Limits. It Defines The Surrounding Runes And Makes The Inherent Flaws In The Current Position Obvious.
REVERSED: Means Basically The Same As Upright.

Graphic for the rune MANN MANN : Is A Very Humanistic Rune That Governs Relationships. It Is Very Effacious For Situations In Which Aid From Others Is required, Or For Any Group Enterprise, Especially If It Will Benefit Others. It Also Governs The Rational Mind And Is Good For Times When Learning, Inventiveness Or Serious Mental Application Is Required.
REVERSED: The Querant Is Surrounded By People That Do Not Have His/Her Best Interests At Heart.

Graphic for the rune LAGU LAGU : Is Another Female Rune, Allied Closely With The Creative Process. It Is Valuable For Any Artistic Endeavor, Be It Painting, Music, Or Writing. This Rune Gives The Power To Contact The Side Of Human Nature That Is Beyond The Scope Of The Rational Mind, So It Governs The Imagination And Psychic Powers.
REVERSED: Signifies Weakness And Betrayal.

Graphic for the rune ING ING : Is A Male Rune, But A Partner To Lagu, And By Association, Also A Fertility Rune. Ing Is Extremely Positive And Brings Great Power To Any Situation. It Is An Excellent Rune For Bringing Matters To A Satisfactory Conclusion, But Perhaps More Importantly, It Gives The Power To Retain The Success That Has Been Achieved.

Graphic for the rune DAEG DAEG : Represents Daylight, Implying That It Is Of Great Value When A Situation Needs To Be Seen From All Angles. It Is Also Very Good For Making A Positive Change, Particularly In Personal Values And Outlook. This Rune Shows That Everything Is Out In The Open And There Are No Hidden Dangers In Dark Corners. It Represents Security. Daeg Is Generally Accepted To Be Excellent For Increasing Financial Standing.

Graphic for the rune OTHEL OTHEL : Is A Very Earthy And Pragmatic Rune Governing The Family Home, Land, Furniture Etc. It Also Governs All The Activities In The Domestic Arena Such As Physical Labor On Or Around The Dwelling As Well As Gardening, And Even The Care Of The Family Money In Terms Of Investments. As It Represents Family Life And Ancestry In General, It Also Governs Care Of The Elderly, A Traditional Family Responsibility. REVERSED: The Querent Will Face Whatever He/She Is Up Against, Alone.

Graphic for the rune WYRD WYRD : Is A Mysterious Rune That Tells The Querent That They Must Accept What Is To Follow, The Outcome Is Inevitable. This Rune May Signify A Pleasant Or Tough Message Depending On The Surrounding Runes.

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