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Magickal Correspondences

The following correspondences are not meant to imply that magickal workings should only be done at a specific time of day, or during a specific season. They are only meant to aid in the strength of the spell or ritual, and help in the raising of Earth's energies.

Spring - Healing; purification; psychic ability; fertility.

Summer - Love; beauty; protection; courage; energy; strength

Autumn - Money;employment; possessions

Winter - Banishments; past lives; meditation; knowledge

New Moon - Starting new ventures; new beginnings; love; romance; health; job hunting

Waxing Moon - Constructive magick; love; wealth; success; courage; friendship; luck; health

Full Moon - Prophecy; protection; divination; workings in need of extra power; love; knowledge; legal undertakings; money; dreams

Waning Moon - Banishing magick; ridding oneself of addictions, illness, negativity, etc

Sunday - Power magick; health; vitality; money; career

Monday - Intuition; dreams; psychic ability; fertility

Tuesday - Money; enemies; courage; energy

Wednesday - Divination;communications; knowledge; wisdom

Thursday - Happiness; luck; wealth; victory; health

Friday - Love; romance; marriage; friendship

Saturday - Psychic ability; communications; new beginnings; protection; bindings

Morning - Purification; success in business; employment; breaking addictions; releasing negative energies; healing

Midday - Energy; strength; protection; money; courage

Evening - Breaking addictions; banishing negative energies

Night - Beauty; love; divination; psychic ability; purification; banishing negativity

Black - Protection; repelling; binding

Blue - Wisdom; protection; calm; creativity; change; psychic ability; patience

Green - Money; luck; fertility; abundance; growth

Pink - Romantic love; friendship; peace; nurturing

Purple - Power; spiritualism; ambition; meditation

Red - Energy;strength; passion; health; courage

White - Peace; protection; purity; spirituality; higher self

Yellow - Learning; intellect; breaking mental blocks; confidence; persuasion; study

Earth (North) - Money; prosperity; fertility; stability; grounding; employment

Air (East) - Travel; instruction; study; knowledge; finding lost items; freedom

Fire (South) - Protection; passion; courage; energy; power; strength; banishment

Water (West) - Purification; love; psychic powers; dreams; divination; peace

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