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Long before the birth of the new religions, our forebearers walked peacefully throughout the lands of the Blessed Mother and worked hand - in - hand with all the elements and creatures of nature which surrounded them. They tended the lands, bringing forth many grains and herbs to feed them, to assist them in their healings and to help them where they felt there was a necessity. They raised farm animals to sustain themselves throughout their lives, to feed either their families or their communities. They brought forth many children into this way of life, as well...children born and raised to carry on the beliefs, handed down by their fathers and mothers before them.

They practiced their ways of living, worship and being openly, in perfect love and perfect trust, as they had no reason to fear reprisal from those around them. For they were only doing that which they were taught, things handed down from Mother - to - Daughter and Father - to - Son.....They openly worshipped the Goddess and the God regularly and gave their thanks and praises for the bountiful harvests and the qualities of life that the Gods offered them. They were also given opportunities to do as they saw fit with their lives, through the use of Choice and Free Will.

Our Healers, Shaman, Seers and Practitioners were admired, revered, respected, praised and loved by many people, because of their acts of kindness and goodwill. Many of the practices and remedies designed by the herbalists then, are quite prominent amoungst many of the "elixirs and potions" used today, by the practitioners of "modern" medicine.

Many years have passed, through the windows of time. People, beliefs, understandings and the like...change, or are forgotten, by those around us. Where we were once well - reguarded for what we could see or do, for those we dwealt with and respected as practitioners and believers of the old ways, were sent into hiding. For whatever the reason, either pride, jealousy or fear, the practice and worship of the Elder Ways...teachings handed down from the Ancient Ones, went from open - public displays to that of secret meetings in out of the way places. To do ritual within the sight of the fearful or the uneducated, meant the end of one's own life at the hands of those who once praised our way of life."

Within the past few decades, we have been slowly regaining our acceptance within society. And, it wasn't until the late 1960's - early 1970's, that the practitioners of the Craft of the Wise would make themselves truly known to those around them, once again.

For many of us, modern technology has been both a hidden blessing and a boon, for the different Traditions within the Craft. For it is here that we can truly make our prescence known, to those who would have the desire to learn. Where we were once only known to exist within the European quarter, we now extend throughout the known world. Because of the benefits extended us by the coming of the computer age, where we had to once seek out bits and pieces of things copied from old - dusty tomes, there is now an enormous wealth of information available to us on the internet. For those who would wish to discover the treasures and hidden blessings, with reguards to our way of being and practices, we extend our hands in friendship..... So Mote It Be....

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