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Words to Live by

Take not the life of thy fellow man, nor that of any living creature, save that which is needful to sustain life.

Thou shalt not kill, except to live.

Seek not to obtain that which does not rightfully belong to you, and accept only that which is your due.

Thou shalt not steal, or overcharge.

Honor thy parents as it is just and due unto them, for it was ordained by the Gods that they should bring forth thy life.

Take not a partner in marriage unless the divine spark of love burns between you and ye be also prepared to nourish love because it is a sacred flame.

Seek not to satisfy the lusts of mortal flesh without love for in so doing thou becometh less than the beasts of the field.

Let thy words be as sacred oaths unto thy fellow man, for deceit is an abomination before the Gods.

Help one another and love one another as ye are so loved by the Gods.

Confess thy faults to no man, for only the Gods can grant pardon and guidance.

Judge no man for his seeming faults nor degrade him before others, for judgement is in the providence of the Gods.

Make not sacrifices of flesh and blood, for man has no right to destroy what he cannot create.

Observe the feasts of remembrance drink the nectars of fruits and eat the meal cakes, and honor the Gods in the manners ordained of olde.

Seek not to call forth the spirits of the dead nor the elementals, save that it be in the service of the Gods.

Worship not any graven image or symbol, for they are paths to the Gods, but not of them.