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Greetings and Welcome to Wiccan Wisdom. Please Enter and Enjoy Your Visit.

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Within the first three months of the year 2000, I had designed and built an educational website, based on the Pagan and Wiccan religious beliefs and called it "The Cloaked Crystal".  After some 18 months or so, I finally decided ( being the site's webmaster and designer ), that it was now time for a new, crisper appearance as well as felt that a new, more appropriate site name was in order. Hence, after a long and somewhat radical reconstruction process, the Cloaked Crystal has now changed its name to Wiccan Wisdom

Although my former site can no longer be accessed from the servers, the newly - constructed Wiccan Wisdom site promises to be more graphically appealing to the viewer, with better navigation and faster loading times. Whereas the former site was fairly graphics and javascript intense and dependent, Wiccan Wisdom has a much more refined look and is now virtually javascript free.

As Webmaster and Site Designer of the former Cloaked Crystal, and now the current Wiccan Wisdom site, I have the deepest and sincerest hopes that what I have done here meets with everyone's approval and increases your viewing pleasure and learning experience.

May you enjoy your visit and may the Goddess and her Consort forever light your way.

Brightest Blessings, Love and Light to One and All,

Donald (Storm) Perry
Webmaster/Designer of Wiccan Wisdom


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