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The following is a list of many different gemstones and their magical properties .

Agate : To the wearer, this stone serves as a third eye. It watches over the wearer while they sleep, while they blink, and while they are looking the other way.
General Appearance : Multi banded stone. Opaque to transparent, primarily peach-orange to gray.

Aperturebauble : Protects from witchcraft and voodoo. This stone does not have to be a gemstone. It can be any type stone with a natural hole in it. Some myths say that a piece of rope, string or leather strip should be threaded through a hole and a piece of iron (such as a key) be linked to it.
General Appearance : Any colour... The hole should be easily seen.

Aquamarine : It has been known to stabilize body fluids. It also is a luck charm for marine travel.
Appearance : Light Blue.

Adventurine : Strong physical healings have been reported by people who wear this stone. It is also believed to be a luck stone for an adventurer.
Appearance : All shades of green.

Azurite : Promotes healing on all planes. A stone of success.
Appearance : Deep rich blue.

Black Onyx : Absorbs evil. Discourages the wearer of evil doings.
Appearance : Deep Black.

Bloodstone : A provider of strength and energy.
Appearance : Dark green with red and/or yellow spots and swirls.

Coral : Protects from all evil.
Appearance : Red to pink.

Emerald : Encourages people all around the stone to tell the truth.
Appearance : Bright Green.

Fluorite : Aids in learning and meditation.
Appearance : Blue to violet green.

Garnet : Determination and strength
Appearance : Deep red to purple red.

Hematite : In Babylon it is known as "The Stone of the Warrior." Dedication and achievement are its strong points.
Appearance : Silver black outside. Rusty red inside.

Iolite : "The Water Sapphire" inspires wisdom and psychic energy.
Appearance : Violet-blue.

Jasper : Strengthens stamina.
Appearance : Found in many different colors, most commonly red. Always opaque.

Jet : Carbon based predecessor of the diamond. Often this stone was burned as an incense during the middle ages. Protects against bad luck.
Appearance : Coal.

Moonstone : Protects the soul.
Appearance : Peach, white, gray or clear.

Mother-of-pearl : Endurance.
Appearance : Soft white with pearl like patterns within.

Opal : Meditation
Appearance : White, green or black. Often sparkling rainbows are often seen within.

Quartz Crystal : This stone has many names such as crystallized light, petrified ice, tears of angels, and the teardrops of the Egyptian goddess Isis. It has often been used as a healing stone. Adds luck to magic users.
Appearance : Sometimes clear but often cloudy white in parts.

Sapphire : Stone of wisdom and prophecy.
Appearance : Many shades, but most commonly Blue, yellow, green, gray or black.

Sodalite : Repels fear and aids in regeneration.
Appearance : Navy blue to indigo with white or gray streaks.

Topaz : Stimulates intelligence and controls anger. Ancient India believed it was crystallized fire.
Appearance : Many shades. Most popular are rosy gold, deep yellow, golden brown, and aqua blue.

Turquoise : Often an amulet of travel and good luck.
Appearance : Jade green to sky blue.

Unakite : Adds to charisma.
Appearance : Salmon pink, light olive or sage green.