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Phi Theta Kappa’s
Mission Statement
“The purpose of Phi Theta Kappa shall be to
recognize and encourage scholarship among
two-year college students. To achieve this
purpose, Phi Theta Kappa shall provide
opportunity for the development of leadership
and service, for an intellectual climate for
exchange of ideas and ideals, for lively fellow-
ship for scholars, and for stimulation of
interest in continuing academic excellence.”
The Phi Theta Kappa Society
Phi Theta Kappa is the international honor
society for two-year colleges offering associate
degree programs. Founded in 1918 by two-
year college presidents in Missouri to
recognize and encourage academic achieve-
ment, Phi Theta Kappa has grown from a
small organization servicing private women’s
colleges in one state to an international
scholastic society, with chapters chartered in
more than 1200 two-year colleges. More than
one million members have been inducted.
Chapters are located on campuses in all 50
of the United States, Canada, U.S. territorial
possessions and military installations abroad.
The diverse membership offers support from
fellowship scholars and a special sense of
community. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa
is recognized as an honor and a privilege.

Omicron Chapter
Omicron Chapter —one of the first chapters
established under the national charter and the
first in Minnesota—has existed at Rochester
Community and Technical College since 1926.
Chapters are assigned names based on the
letters of the Greek alphabet; Omicron is the
fifteenth letter in this alphabet. In 1929, after
the original 24 chapters were named--Alpha
through Omega—double-letter, then triple-
letter chapter names were instituted.
Student Eligibility
Part-time, full-time and international students
currently enrolled at our college and working
on a certificate, diploma or degree are eligible
to become members if they meet the following
chapter requirements:
At least a 3.5 GPA after 12 áredit hours
(1 000-level or higher) at RCTC—or—-
At least a 3.4 GPA after 16 credit hours
(1000-level or higher) at RCTC
To sustain membership in Phi Theta Kappa’s
Omicron Chapter, students are expected to
maintain a cumulative grade point average
of at least 3.2.

Becoming a Member
Orientation meetings are generally held in the
fall and spring. Qualified students usually
receive a letter of invitation from the college
president. However, all qualified or interested
students are encouraged to attend these
information sessions. Notices are posted on
the Phi Theta Kappa bulletin boards (near
the elevator on the first floor of the College
Center building and near the atrium at the
bookstore/tunnel corner). Membership
applications are available at the meetings.
Applications must be completed and submitted
with membership dues by the established
deadlines. A onetime fee of $50 covers the
$35 international fee, the $5 regional fee and
the $10 local chapter fee.
Inductees are encouraged to invite family and
friends to the formal induction ceremony,
which includes speakers. A reception follows
the brief ceremony.
Members of the Society should be referred
to as “Phi Theta Kappa members” or “Phi
Theta Kappans. When abbreviating the
name of the organization, the true Greek
letters should be used. Otherwise, Phi Theta
Kappa should be spelled out.
Society Hallmarks
Phi Theta Kappa is based on four Hallmarks:
Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellow-
ship. Programs are designed to give members
opportunities for personal growth in all four
areas—benefiting the individuals, their
chapters, their colleges, their communities
and the international organization.

Honors Study Topic
A designated theme is chosen annually for
all chapters to examine during the year. The
topic must be timely, important, relevant to
international education and culture, have a
broad impact, and he interdisciplinary. The
theme for 2002 - 2004 is “Dimensions and
Directions of health: Choices in the Maze.”
Members can explore the current Honors
Study lopic internationally, regionally and
locally. One-credit honors courses based on
the current Phi Theta Kappa Honors Study
Topic are of fer ed on our campus each quarter.
These c lasses are open to all students.

International Service Program
Il iann uall y. Phi T he ta Kappa selects an issue
on which its chapters and members may
concentrate their volunteer community efforts
during these two academic years. The 2002 - 04
International Service Program is “Conquering
Cancer: A Prevention & Awareness Program
with the American Cancer Society.”

Phi Theta Kappa Scholarships
Several scholarships are available to Phi Theta
Kappans: transfer scholarships, National
Dean 's List scholarships, Guistwhite Scholar-
ships. All - U SA Academic Team. Nota Bene
scholarships, International Honors Institute
Scholarships and International Officer
Scholarships. Be sure to ask for more
details about these unique opportunities.