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About the Author

    Well,I hope that you're enjoying your tour of our home in cyberspace. If I can't be found anywhere else, I can certainly be found somewhere in here.I thought that I would write a little something about myself, so that you might get to know a little about me and about the Path that I have chosen to follow. Even though Wicca is protected under both the First and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution as a recognized religion, there are still those individuals within our country who refuse to acknowledge the fact that Wicca and Paganism are both viable and respectable religions.

      For those people who would like to know, I haven't always been a Wiccan. Just for the record, for the first 22 years of my life, I was a Lutheran....born, raised, and comfirmed. But, just as so many before me, I became inceasingly dissatisfied and uncomfortable with what I had observed taking place around me....people who sternly professed to be proud members of the Moral Majority, but their actions by either word or deed was nothing akin to the "Christ-like" image, that they were attempting to make themselves appear as to the world about them. The " do as I say, not as I do" mentality, so to speak, has always been something that has never carried much weight with me. So, after many years of thinking and debate, I decided to leave the church and thus began my search to find that which was so missing in my life.

      For a number of years, I looked into many different spiritual beliefs, both read and learned the customs and rituals of each. But, I was still left with an emptiness deep within me and so continued searching for that which felt right within my heart, mind and spirit. Then, while at the home of some dear friends in New England, I happened across a textbook that not only caught my eye, but the words therein also peaked my curiosity. Interestingly enough, is that the more that I read, the more comfortable I was becoming.... to the very core of my being. Deep within the very reaches of my soul, I had finally realized that my years-long search was at an end. I had found a way of life that touched me so deeply, so tenderly..... something that had opened up doors I thought either forever locked or yet unchecked. I had finally found where I truly belonged and what I was meant to be..... I had found my home.

It wasn't until early 1997, that I had made both a decision and a conscious Choice as to which Path I would take. In June of 1997, I stood before the altar of a dear friend, who is also a Solitaire of The Craft of the Wise, and made my commitment to The Goddess and The God.

      Since then, I have experienced, as well as learned, many new and exciting avenues of which to deepen my understandings and teachings. And I am taking that which I have learned, over the years, and am passing that knowledge on to my daughter. Although she is still quite young, she is being brought up in an atmosphere of perfect love and perfect trust, with the understanding that not only does she not have to accept unacceptable behavior but that everyone has the right to choose their own Path. To me, life is hard enough as it is without somebody telling you that their way is "The Right and Only Way" to think and believe.

Much of what she does and experiences (that,which many of us have to learn) comes naturally. She has an affinity, for all the animals that walk this world and has a strong sense of the empathic ways that very few will ever aquire.

I'll never force her to follow my Path. Choosing what she will, will be an easy choice for her, as she sees all that happens about us on a day to day basis. She's extremely concerned about the ecology of our world and does her part to preserve the natural beauty that the Gods have provided us.

Should she choose my way as her own, then she could very easily, become a great Teacher, Healer, Shaman (like her Great-GrandMother). But, as I said, the choice and insuing decision will be hers. Until then, she has every right to be the child that she is. And, when she grows into adulthood, I will respect whatever decision and choice she decides.

      For those of you who have come here with both an open heart and an open mind, to learn of a new way of being, I cordially bid you welcome into this ancient, yet very fulfilling way of life. But, should you choose to pursue this way of being, you will hopefully do so with the understanding that in order to accomplish anything, it takes dedication, hard work and the honest desire to see it through to completion. If, however, you should decide that this is something not to your liking or not what you are searching for, then may you follow your path with peace and with the light of the spirit, to guide you along your way.

Brightest Blessings and Eternal Light to All......
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