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    Family Ancestry


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Family Ancestry

The following information was gathered through hours upon hours of searching through many, many pages of geneological lines and charts. As of right now, the information found here represents those findings with reguards to my family history and its current line.

After several years of research, by various members of my family, the search for our family's history and heritage is slowly showing up. Through accesses from "The Vault", in Utah, much of my family's history has been traced back to the 16th century.....prior to that, however, still remains pretty much a mystery, as there are still many stones to turn over and many more leads to follow up on. What has been discovered though, is the fact that my family has a history of service within various branches of the Armed Forces, within this country. And, as it became increasingly apparent, the further we dig into our past, service to the Crown, as well. Following this paragraph is what has been uncovered about my family, thus far.

Up until the early 16th century, the ancestors of my family resided in the county of Ülster, in Ireland as well as within England. Prior to that, however, there are several conflicting reports as to which immigration into Ireland, from England, my family participated in. The Shield and Coat of Arms ( as shown below ), was officially listed within the Heraldry up until the early 1800's. At that time, my family came to the Americas, to seek a new way of life and to discover a new sense of freedom, from the country from which they departed. The colours upon the shield and their particular meanings are listed below:

Family Shield Graphic Shield & Coat of Arms

Or:   (yellow)   Stands for Generosity and Elevation of the Mind.

Gules:  (red)   Warrior or Martyr, Military Strength and Magnanimity

Argent:  (white)   Peace and Serenity

The three lions, seen following each other on the white banner (also known as "a bent"), going from the top - left of the shield to the lower - right of the shield, are known as "passant - guardant". Please note as well, that there are two different types of Lions portrayed on different Coats of Arms. If it is just a regular Lion, then it signifies dauntless courage. However, a Heraldic Lion signifies bravery, strength, ferosity and valour. The Helm, that appears on the top of the shield, designates that there was, during that time, land-holdings in the form of a Barony. And, as seen sitting atop of the Helm, is a wreath , which has the family's colours.


Origin: English

Spelling variations include: Perry, Perrie, and others. First found in Hampshire where they were recorded as a family of great antiquity seated as Lords of the manor and estates in that shire.

Some of the first settlers of this name or some of its variants were: Thomas Perry who settled in Virginia in 1635; Elizabeth and Edward Perry settled in Virginia in 1637 and others.

The information that I received on September 19, 2000, shed a whole new light upon my family tree and its roots. With the identification and confirmation of Thomas Perry's arrival to Virginia in 1635, to be followed by Elizabeth and Edward two years later, pretty much everything within this country is now complete. We've tentatively identified all of Thomas's descendants here within the United States. Now, all that really remains is the identification of the family remaining within Hampshire, England. Also, there still remains the link within Ülster, Ireland which has yet to be completely traced....but we feel that it is only a matter of time! *smile*

I will keep everyone posted with whatever information we discover...of this I will assure you all of.

Perry - Family Tartan
The Family Tartan

Family Shield Icon

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